«Tsvetemiye Sakury» – restaurant of Japanese cuisine in Moscow. Restaurant was opened in April 2007. Cozy atmosphere distracts from the bustle of the city and helps to immerse yourself in the harmonious world of Japanese culture

Pure embodiment of logic and exquisite simplicity. Refined asceticism as an integral part of harmony with the world... Elegant restraint of the interior "Tsvetemiye Sakury" is a necessary condition for the attainment of the sacred beauty of each dish.

Being at the peak of the trends and respecting the traditions of the past, the master-chef of the institution conveys the true spirit of the Gastronomic culture of their homeland.

We have also a recipe of the Osidzusi, which was known back in Edo (the ancient name of Tokyo), and the sushi-grill. Appeared in Japan only about seven years ago.